Renewed Pentel Stationery of Canada’s website, updating the website that is both user friendly and social media integrated. Thew new website features a ‘Gallery’ page with illustrations using Pentel products. The TOP menu has a mini product icon, making it visually easy to navigate. Each product has a dedicated page, allowing customers to easily see the product, the packaging, and detailed description.

Pentel Stationery of Canada Ltd.様のWebsiteリニュアールをお手伝いさせていただきました。レスポンシブ対応、SNSと関連付けたWebsiteになっています。Pentel商品を使って描かれたイラストたちを紹介するGalleryページを新たに加え、Pentel商品の紹介に重きを置いた構成にしています。

Pentel Stationery of Canada Ltd.